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About Me

My name is William Byrd. You can call me Will. I am a Fashion, Glamour and Artistic photographer/ videographer and designer. The camera is used as a direct line from my brain to your eyes. I see things in a different light then most people. There is always some form of art waiting to be captured and immortalized in an image.

I originally started photography in 2009. I had been a model since i was 16. While struggling to get the shots i needed for my portfolio to help take me to the next level, I realized that i saw things differently then most did. I couldn’t help myself but to wonder why my images weren’t being captured by others the way that i saw them.

I thought maybe it just wasn’t possible in a camera. So i did what any other curious person would do. I went out and bought my first camera (canon rebel xs with 18-55mm kit lens) My first time pushing the button absolutely baffled me. The frame was completely black. I immediately thought that my camera was faulty. I went to YouTube to see if i could troubleshoot it. That was my first lesson in Shutter Speed and Aperture. I’ve been addicted ever since.

I bring professionalism, comfort-ability and creativity as my main tools to all of my shoots with clients. They leave happy and feeling elated that i was able to bring their visions to life.
I hope to work with each and every one of you one day in some way shape or form.

It takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer. Everything is so ordinary..